CareConnectMD ACO


Why Join Our ACO?

CareConnectMD ACO is a specialized Accountable Care Organization (ACO) geared towards Medicare beneficiaries who reside in a nursing home.  Developed by geriatric professionals, the program provides a care model that is designed to meet the unique health care needs of nursing home residents. Under this value-based care model, CareConnectMD ACO will deliver care coordination services in close collaboration with primary care physicians, specialists, and advanced practice professionals in California, Georgia, Indiana, and Kentucky with an anticipated launch date of July 1, 2019.


Nursing Home Residents:

Most nursing home residents have multiple chronic conditions that require regular medical attention. Without such attention, it is common for residents to become ill and end up in an emergency room or hospital. These expensive hospital stays are not only disruptive to the resident and their families, but often lead to further medical complications, declines in functional status, and reduced quality of life.  While hospital stays are often appropriate and necessary, in many cases they can be avoided if preventive care and early intervention by physicians and nurse practitioners identify potential problems before they become serious.


Why CareConnectMD?

CareConnectMD ACO provides an innovative approach to caring for nursing home residents that emphasizes primary and preventive care services by utilizing personalized care management practices.  Physician and other care team providers work together diligently to keep residents healthy.  Our providers see the residents more often, so they can proactively manage their chronic health conditions.  This allows our care teams to catch medical problems early, helping to avoid unnecessary and avoidable emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Historically, inadequate compensation of physicians and nursing homes by Medicare has been a barrier to providing the increased primary and preventive care needed by nursing home patients. However, the CareConnectMD ACO solves this problem by providing physicians and skilled nursing facilities with appropriate reimbursement for care delivered at the nursing facility.  And because the costs incurred for this level of care are significantly lower than the costs incurred from unnecessary hospitalizations, we are able to deliver coordinated, high-quality care to improve the patient’s experience and health while lowering overall healthcare costs.


Our Care Model:

The CareConnectMD ACO care model has several important components that make a significant difference in the care provided to residents and the resulting outcomes.

  • Geriatric specialists: We contract with physicians and nurse practitioners who specialize in geriatrics. Our providers have special training and experience to help them deal with the complex needs of nursing home residents.

  • More frequent visits by medical providers: Through frequent visits by a contracted physician and care management by geriatric nurse practitioners, our program provides nursing home residents with the increased medical attention they need to maintain their health status and quality of life, while helping to reduce the incidence of serious acute episodes that often result in hospitalization.

  • More care provided on-site: As much needed care as possible is provided on-site at the nursing home.  This is much less disruptive and more cost-effective than continually transporting the resident to other locations for needed services. This includes more treatment for acute episodes in the nursing facility rather than at the hospital.

  • Improved communication: The program improves communication between the physician, nurse practitioner, nursing home staff, resident, and family members.  Good communication is very important to making sure that the best care decisions are made in a timely manner, especially “end-of-life” decisions.

We are inviting like-minded long-term care physicians to become participants in the CareConnectMD ACO. There are no initiation fees to join. To learn more about how to become a member, please contact us today!